Describe The Family Rosacea. Also Give Its Distribution, Vegetative And Floral Characteristics?


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Rosaceae: Rose Family
A family about 100 genera and 2000 species, distributed over most of the earth, and abundant in eastern Asia, North America and Europe. In Pakistan 29 genera and about 213 species are reported.
Familiar Plants
Pyrus (pear); Rosa (rose); Malus (apple); Fragaria (strawberry) etc
Vegetative Characters

Tree, shrubs and herbs.

Herbaceous or woody, branched stem of the shrubby plants usually have spine.
Leave: Alternate, rarely opposite, simple or compound with paired stipules, which are sometimes adnate to the petiole; leaf-base conspicuous, spine may also occur on the rachis.

Floral Characters:
Inflorescence: Variable, solitary flowered to racemose and cymose cluster.

Mostly bisexual, and actinomorphic, often perigynous to some degree, usually showy and scented.

5 sepals rarely 4, united at the base, usually green.

Petals 5 or numerous in multiple of 5, free rosaceous large and showy, usually conspicuous.

Numerous stamens, sometimes only 5 or 10, usually bent inward in the bud state, another small, binocular splitting longitudinally.

A simple pistil of 1 to numerous separate carpals or 2 to 5 carpals, united into a compound pistil, ovary generally superior. Some times inferior; ovules usually 2 or more
Per carpel; placentation basal, when the carpel one or apocarpous but axial when the carpel are many and syncarpous; style simple, as many as the carpals, free or united; stigma linear, spathulate or capitate.

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