What Are The Factors That Influence Home Management?


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The practice of home management is rather self explanatory, but as simple as it may sound, managing a home is not always the easiest process. There can often be a number of factors and variables that can make the family environment far from homely. Factors can range from family values, attitudes to the household and other family members, discipline in the home and activities in the community. It is worth taking a little time to examine some of these factors in a little more detail.
  • It is always worth considering the priorities of the family as this sets the scene for the way the family is run and all the issues that may come about in the household environment. Usually the head of the family is in charge of discipline.
  • Family values must also be taken into account, this is vital if all the family members are to work and live well together. This includes habits and behavior and the way each individual relates to the others.
  • Being involved with the local community may appear to encourage individuality amongst the family group, but the shared experiences and the relationships formed within the neighborhood and community should only help to develop the family unit.
  • The family unit also needs to be organized well and this is again a responsibility usually handed to the head of the family. Jobs around the house, roles and responsibilities all help to create a strong family group.
These are just a few key issues which contribute to good family management, there are many others which could be mentioned, but it is worth mentioning that there are no right and wrong factors, it is a case of whatever works for one particular family.
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Identity the factors to be considered in home management

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