How Can One Stop Junk Mail Coming Through The Post?


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Junk e-mail can be got rid off by deleting but when it comes to junk mail by way of the post it often gets a bit too much what with the extra paper and clutter. An effective way to deal with it would be to just toss the thing unopened in the dustbin and then forgetting all about it. One can contact the mail service or write to the Information Commissioner which imposes fines on the mailers in most cases.

A golden rule to be observed is not to respond to any junk mail no matter how attractive or genuine it may seem. Also one should think twice before giving out personal details like name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and occupation which often gives rise to junk mail. Junk mail is often one of the mediums used by fly by night companies to launch hypothetical schemes and one would do better to stay clear of these even though they may appear genuine.
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Help I keep on getting junk mail and I'm nt getting any of my friends emails

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