How To Make Toy Flying Helicopter?


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Fill a small saucepan with water and bring to a boil on the stove. Soak a tongue depressor in the boiling water for at least 30 seconds. This will make the wood slightly more flexible so you can shape it into a rotor. Remove the tongue depressor from the water, and try to twist the stick in the middle. Hold in position while the tongue depressor cools. You may need to repeat this step a few times.

Ideally, you will shape the depressor so one half is angled. If you have trouble bending the wood, try using a file to at least angle the edges.

Apply a small drop of super glue to a pencil's eraser, and then stick it to the centre of the tongue depressor. Get it as close to centre as possible.

Wrap some string tightly around the pencil, about one third of the distance down from the top of the toy helicopter. Use a piece of kite string or nylon cord. A piece 12 to 18 inches long is perfect. Simply wind the string around the pencil several times, leaving a small amount at the end for you to hold.

Cut off a piece of tubing that just long enough to hold on to. The tube must be large enough for your pencil to drop inside loosely. Use a knife to make a hole in one side of this tube, near one end.

Slide the pencil inside it. Pass the extra length from the end of your string through the hole so the string can be pulled, even though the wrapping is inside the tube.

Hold the handle of the toy helicopter with one hand, and give the string a good pull with the other.
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I like to build a helicopter on my own. So please give me a model and necessary materials
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Its easy to make a electric aeroplane and to
make it take a light and powerful motor and join it with a shape and put a spinning rotor on its top and give a high power to the motor and the frame must be light and if the rotor will spin the the air comes down and if more air pushes the ground then the ground will push the helicopter and the helicopter will fly up in the sky...
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You need a straw one rubber band a christmas ornimat hook and and alluminum sheetind or just card paper also a small sphere shaped beed with a hole in the middle.So you cut the straw the lenth you want your heli,then take the ornimat hook and bend it to make a small hook at the one end,then take your paper or metal sheeting an cut two thin rectangles about the lenth of the straw.bend to make an airfoil  on each end then poke a hole in the middle.put your hook in the hole then glue hook a rubber band on the hook you made then fish it into the straw tape the rubber band once you pulled it through then make one mor propeller glue to the bottom wind up and let fly.
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Paper planes are easy you can make them out of carboard, your folding skills and come decorations maybe even some crayons. If you would like to actually make the aircraft you could make them out of wood. Like I did I am really good at carving I make a truck vechicle out of it. You could look for instructions for the wood one and then maybe paint the wheels in black and make your favourite type jet star,virgin blue,quantas,fly emirates or even tiger airelines.
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I don't no how to make a toy helicopter I very sorry to this tub you

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