What Are The Differend Stages Of AC Power?


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Most of the element devices and circuits require a de source for their operation. Dry cells and batteries are one from of dc source. They have the advantage of being portable and ripple-free. However, their voltages are low; they need frequent replacement and are expensive as compared to conventional dc power supplies. Since the mist convenient and economical source of power is the domestics ac supply, it is advantageous to convert this alternation voltage (usually, hundred vrms) to dc voltage (usually, smaller in value). This process of converting ac voltage into dc voltage is called rectification and is accomplished with the help of rectifier, filter, and voltage regulator circuits. These elements put together constitute dc power supply.

An unregulated power supply is one whose dc terminal voltage is affected significantly by amount of load. As the load draws more current, the dc voltage becomes less.Regulated power supply is that dc power supply whose terminal voltage remains almost constant regardless of the amount of current drawn from it. An unregulated supply can be converted into a regulated power supply by adding a voltage regulating circuit to itA typical dc power supply consists of five stages such as transformer, rectifier, filter, voltage regulator and voltage divider.

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