What Is The Most Popular Front Door Color In Britain?


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There are several popular front door colors as well as designs in Britain and as such the most popular one would depend on individual tastes. As of now white is still considered to be one of the most appropriate colors for a front door though colors like oak and mahogany that go well with wooden doors.

The door color also depends on the design and as such a solid wooden door looks best in white or shades of brown while glazed doors offer more color options from blue and green to the usual shades. Ideally the more the glass and less wood the more prominent should be the color, a glazed door in a dark shade of blue looks great.

Traditionally oak and mahogany have been the most preferred shades with respect to front doors but today with wood becoming a scarce commodity polymer doors are the answer as they not only look like the real thing but also do not need to be varnished.

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No absolute definitive nationwide survey of front door colours has been carried out and in any case when a survey had been completed then a significant number of doors may have changed colours. However, common sense would suggest that there are two main colours for doors: white and brown. The white front door is not usually painted white, but is white as a result of being aUPVC door which is double glazed. Brown doors result from timber doors still being preferred by many and the brown is actually wood stain.

In terms of new build housing the choices available are usually UPVC or stained timber. However, UPVC doors are less favoured in the South East, with hardwood doors being preferred and UPVC doors used within the Midlands and North. It is possible to have UPVC doors which resemble hardwood and thus are brown.

Red, green and black are the most popular colours for painted doors and grey, blue, pink and yellow being much less popular.

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