What Is The Importance Of Sanitation Of Housekeeping?


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Building sanitation is a physical structure whether percent or which serve as structure of comfort to mankind

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If you own a business where people are walking in every day, then you would really appreciate our blog post. This blog post is intended for the owners of setups like hotels, premium restaurants, multiplex etc. These are the business concerns where the footfall is of prime importance. It becomes of vital essence that the persons walking into your premises should have the best of the experience. There are no doubts about that all these service-centric industries actually thrive on the level of service that they deliver.

Role of housekeeping staff in these scenarios just cannot be ignored. They are the part of your core team who would be instrumental in creating the right atmosphere for that lasting first impression.

Housekeeping staff is the hidden heroes of any service-centric organization. They are the one who keeps your place neat and shiny. They ensure that every amenity in your place is working as it was intended to. Nobody likes to enter a mall or a cineplex which stinks of food or dampness. People don’t like being greeted with litter and dirt. They really hate dark areas and dingy lighting. To top it all the biggest turn off for people walking into your place can be stinking and dirty toilets. It’s the housekeeping services which really takes care of such things which you take for granted.

The above mentioned are more of static duties of the housekeeping staff. There is more to it than it meets the eye. What about little kids throwing up on your carpets. What about lactating mothers needing help with the nursing areas. That’s where our hidden heroes add the real value. Imagine a little 2-year old throwing up in the restaurant. We know the parents are embarrassed but they are the customers who are paying us right? The reaction of the housekeeping staff at that moment of time can give you a lifelong customer. Rather than making faces if a housekeeping staff member promptly addresses the problem with a smile will that customer ever step into someplace else. No, he will not. In fact, he would be more than glad that he visited your place for sure. He would even go ahead and spread the word about the great service that you provided him with in turn bringing in more customers.

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Your health.

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To kill germs and not make people ill.

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