Can I Cleanse My Eyes With Distilled Water Instead Of Expensive Cleaning Solution?


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Cleansing of the eyes is very important. Many people do not realize that our eyes our highly exposed to all kinds of harmful things in the air, sunlight, and water. Thus it is necessary for us to wash them regularly with a substance, which is pure. I highly recommend "ROSE WATER". It a natural product does not contain harmful chemicals and is also doctor recommended. To use it in a proper way follow the steps:

1. Remove all kinds of make-up on your eyes. It is preferred that you use an eye make-up removing cleanser.
2. Then wash your eyes with tap water do not use warm water as it can cause damage to your eyes
3. Gently tap your eyes with a towel. DO NOT RUB.
4. Allow your eyes to rest for sometime. Just close them and massage your eye-lids
5. Take a cotton ball and soak it in Rose Water and place it over one eye. Repeat with the second eye.
6. Do this before going to sleep.
7. When you get up in the morning throw some drops of Rose Water in each eye.
Do this every night you will notice that all your eye trouble wilol vanish and your eyesight will improve. The best part is it will make your eyes glow in a natural way.
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Sue Gill
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Yes that would be ok to use the eye cup with the water.
Jeanette White
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I'm a little confused about the warm water.... Is it not virtually impossible to avoid it in the shower.
David Mattucci
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baloony4, we are actually talking about completely drowning your eyes in water for several minutes. I'm sure the eyes can handle a few splashes. However, I don't know that's too much.
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Cheap saline solution.... Natural (mostly) way to bacteria and to rinse away foreign particles. Been using for 20 years now.
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It depends on what source you look at, but in the long run, it may be harmful. Distilled water has no impurities, which would make it sound ideal. But due to the process of osmosis, is could rupture cells by over absorbing water like is does to a cell when it is immersed into it. It may also remove minerals as is documented with people who drink it for a long time.

You use distilled water in a chemical emergency, since it has no minerals to react with the chemicals you spilled in your eyes.
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Judit Ortega
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Sorry, distilled water will cause cells to absorb water possibly causing it to rupture/explode (still a bad thing). I changed the answer to reflect that.
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I would recommend (and I do use) simple saline solution for about $1.50 a bottle, and use a soft towel to dab eyes dry.
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I would recommend and I do use, simple Saline Solution sold at most stores for about $1.50 with your eye cup, and dab eyes with a clean towel not used for any other purpose. Also good for itchy eyes due to allergies. :)

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