After The Flowers Fall Off An Orchid Plant What Do I Do?


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  • Pruning your Orchid
If the flower has fallen off your orchid, it is nothing to worry about as this is normal. When the leaves begin falling off and the flower looks as though it is dying, you should cut the flower stem down to within an inch of the flower stem and the flower will eventually grow back. Many people are nervous about cutting the flower stem back but this is the best way to ensure the flower will once again grow.
  • Orchids
There are many different species of orchid, possibly even more orchid species than there are bird species, but they are all considered to be beautiful flowers and highly regarded in any garden. Moth Orchids are some of the most popular orchids and are thought to be the easiest to care for. They are common house plants as they are tough but have bright, attractive flowers that can stay on the plant for up to 6 months.
  • Caring for your orchid
Although all orchids are different, they are generally cared for in the same way. They should be kept in a room at about 15 degrees Celsius. The room should be bright and airy but the plant should not be in direct sunlight and away from any drafts. Water the plant regularly and as many orchids originated from tropical rainforests, they enjoy humid conditions and will thrive when sprayed gently with water from a water bottle. This will simulate the moisture in the air that occurs in the rainforest.

  • Help from the experts
If you have any other orchid related problems you can visit specific orchid websites where experts are on hand to offer help and advice. is a particularly useful website where orchid enthusiasts meet and share their tips on how to grow perfect orchids and pass on their wisdom for green fingers.
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It plant should re-bloom next season. Care for it as usual; humidity, water, light.
I know it's not as pretty without the flowers, but they'll come back.
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I was told to cut the stem that the flowers grew on off about 2 inches above the base of the plant

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