Instruction Manual For A Elna Lock T34D Serger?


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The instruction manual for the Elna Lock T34D Serger can be purchased online at

This photocopied version of the original manual can be bought and shipped within 24 hours and will be delivered to a home address. There are some websites, such as eBay, that offer PDF versions of the manual. These versions will still incur a cost but can be instantly downloaded onto the computer. This means that there is no wait for the product and the manual can be used with the sewing machine instantly.

The Elna website ( offers a range of downloads that include brief leaflets about their machines, upgrades for electronic machines and a variety of sewing ideas and patterns. These downloads are free of charge and are available to all customers.

  • Elna products
Elna has been producing sewing machines since 1940 and is a brand that is recognized for its quality, innovation and service. With its products available in over 60 countries across the world, Elna is a trademark and a household name. The company was the first to introduce a number of features to its products including the automatic needle threader, heirloom stitches and lightweight machines. Always developing new products, Elna has a number of different models of sewing machines that vary from simple to complex computerized technology.

  • Elna accessories
The Elna website offers an in depth guide to all of the accessories that are compatible with their machines. This list can be found at Here it is possible to study each accessory individual; find out exactly what it does, which machines it can be used with and download an instruction guide about how to install it.

As the Elna Lock T34D Serger is a sewing machine that is no longer being manufactured by the company, it is a little more difficult to get hold of the instruction manual. The link given above gives an example of copies that can be bought online but more detailed research may result in cheaper finds.

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