My Red Ear Slider Turtle Has White Spots On Her Shell And Parts Of Her Shell Have Come Off Like She Is Shedding. Is This Normal?


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So far as I know, and I have had turtles, and many friends have as well, this is not normal, and is a sign of some infection, first thing is to ensure that she has a means to get out of water completely.... And that some heat, whether rock or by light is provided... This allows for her shell to get dry. Otherwise, the constant wet will begin to be seen as "rot"....Turtles are not like crabs and snails that will "move up" as they grow... More, they are like snakes as they will molt as they grow, the shell growing with them. The degree of her condition, if simply molting or something worse is to be determined by someone more knowedgable than I.

If a free answer on here or other web info cannot be found definitively then you should see a vet... Or find a answer forum for vets.... Forums or usually free, of course, the vet will cost, but will certainly be worth it.

Best of luck.
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I have a 14 y/o RES... she has been shedding her skoots as she grows all her life. Typically she will develop generalized lightening under one layer where air is trapped after she has been basking for a while. Eventually the outer layer of each individual skoot falls off [and usually all of them contemporaneously] revealing a new very healthy looking shell.

Other reports I've found have said that this is normal.
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Its normal when it grows its shell gets biger and it sheds it off
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It sounds normal my birds beak does too he sharpens it and like a pencil well sort of but not as many shavings.
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Oh my god people ... Are you guys even educated heheheheh :) jokes
it's simple shell rot turtle needs to bask // hmmm maybe your light souce isn't good ,, ie UV light + heat lamp... If shell rot persists then vet , smiles  :)
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It's normal.she were just too big for it.find a different shell that also fit's him.

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