What Is Sustainable Primary Health Care?


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A strategy that uses community involvement in deciding what, where and how to develop and implement. It is the maintenance of, or simply just assessing whether the primary healthcare will be efficient and effective for the future. The most successful healthcare programs address the following points:

1) Making the healthcare accessible for everyone- not just for the wealthy.

2) the aid reaching ppl most in need.

3) Focusing on women- because the women are the ones that pass on their knowledge to future generations ie. Children, grandchildren etc.

4) The community being involved- research shows that the most healthy choices are created when the whole community is involved.

5) Focus on education- education helps ppl acquire information that is necessary for optimal health and development.

6) Has to be culturally sensitive/appropriate.

7) And the most, it needs to be relatively sustainable.

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But what is two elements of sustainable health care? Is it what you wrote up there??
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The elements of sustainable healthcare dictating how a strategy should be created to be sustainable are:
Involving the community,
teaching knowledge and skills,
focusing on women,
being accessible and
being environmentally supportive.

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