Is It Hard To Sale A Two Bedroom Home? Prior To Buying I Couldnt Find One For Anything, Now That I Have One People Are Telling Me That I Will Never Sell It. This Worries Me.


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The market changes all the time. Right now, sellers in large cities are generally having trouble, while buyers have their pick with so many houses for sale on the market.

Don't worry about selling your house--you just bought it! Enjoy it. When you need to sell it, there will always be someone single or whose kids are grown or whatever who want a two-bedroom-just like you did.
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Yes, it is a lot harder! I have a beautiful 2 bedroom home in a great location, the prime market spot in our community. I cannot sell this house and cannot get close! Everything around me is selling in la 1 week-1 month period (even in this tough market!). I have been on the market almost 30 days with 0 offers. Lots of lookers, but the comment is always the same "great house, too small." Everyone is afraid that my 2 bedroom will be bad investment down the road, and now, I agree. My only hope is renovate our attic into a master bedroom, probably to the tune of $40-50,000 in construction cost. Let me say this, if I go this route and borrow the money to do this- I am NEVER selling my home. 49% of all homes sold are 3 bedrooms- less than 9% are 2 bedrooms. Unless you have lots of time, and even more patience, don't buy a 2 bedroom home. You may be retiring in it!
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No, it's not hard to do. Actually it matters the way you choose to sell. The resources are huge which are available to buy and sale homes.

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No ,it's really not hard to sell out a two bedroom home. It's just depend which utilities you provided include rooms and depends on others choice to live ..Actually, 2 room set home is mostly for family living  and they always expect open atmosphere, good society area, reasonable price..

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Well, you bought it.

Do you think your are the last living person who wanted a 2 bedroom home?

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There is no specific answers to this question as you would already be aware of, the property market is ever fluctuating depending on the economical state as well. Hence, it could be hard to sell it now but it might be better in a few months' time? It depens on your luck as well to see if there is any potential buyers interested too.

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I think the smaller property is the easier it will be to sell it. You can consult these guys and they will help you to value it according to its condition and market price. You can also use their services to sell your house to them. Good luck!

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