How Do I Find Out The History Of My House?


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There are a couple of places you need to check out to get more information about the history of your house. Perhaps you are wanting to know who lived in the property when it was first built, and since; maybe you need to check the deeds of your house or you might want to know if there has ever been any hauntings in your home!

The government are pretty useful when it comes to keeping records, although remember that not all homes have information which dates back years and years - especially if yours is older than a century or so. Census information will tell you about people - who they were, if they got married, how many children they had etc. The land registry is good for getting specific structural information and also for discovering who owned the property before you. You can also check the local records (many are kept in libraries and council offices) to get more details.

Start with the Census as it will certainly reveal some facts upon which you can extend your search. You may have to pay for some census information from certain years but if you're desperate to get your house history its well worth it!
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I want to know who has lived in my house and who has died in my house.
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I want a full history report on my house
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This is a harder task than you first thought. Generally it is people who die, and it is their details that are registered, together with the place where the Death Certificate was issued. So, it is but looking at census records, Births, Deaths and Marriages that we find out about the people - not sure how to find out about property.
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There are lots of websites that can be used to help you find out the history of your house. These sites can tell you what has happened to your property, when it was built if it was anything else before and lots more. Search engines can also help you find out the history of your house.
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  There are several reasons why people want to know the history of their houses: To  find out who was the previous user of the building, to attract visitors by creating brochures for marketing, to understand the linkage between the local history and the buildings history and to boost the property value. There are three steps involved in understanding and to find out more information on above mentioned points.

  Basic Study and its report, which would include visit to the house and discuss what you would like to achieve through this discussion. Then a related search is done to compare the basic data obtained from the study in shortest possible time.

  A Complete Study and report includes complete investigation of the data obtained and comparing with the available data.
For more information visit the following link to understand more:
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I would like to know who lived in my house and who died in my house at 2409 North Highlands Blvd in Fort Wayne, Indiana and has  there been any reports of any hauntings that has been recorded?
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If you live in the UK see my answer of the 5 February regarding all the sources that are available in the British Isles for anyone wanting to research their house history. I am a researcher for the history of houses and would advise these sources and any other information that a local records office, archives can suggest.
If you put house history in the search box above you will see another list of answers to the question which will help UK researchers.
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There are four ways of knowing the history of the house. Four different people will tell you about what was or is going around or in the house. First person that will let you know about the history of the house is the owner or the seller himself. He will let you know each and every little detail about the house.

The second person will be the real estate agent who is supposed to be very shrewd who will also tell you about the past of the house. The next person will be the neighbours of the house. You can go door to door and ask about the things about that house.

The last person from whom you can inquire about the house will be the person in the state office. The state office has all the records of all the houses in a particular area, city or state.
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I am trying to find out the history of my mother's land she built on. All I know is it was once a farm. I thought it was rumored years ago to have a barn w/satanic activities. Although she built the home and is the first owner, I wanted to get information on the land and wasn't sure if this sight included police runs, if there were any recorded deaths or accidents as she has had a lot of unexplainable activity going on in her house that makes us wonder if she built on satanic ground or if there was a wrongful death in the area
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You need to go thorough available local records. Almost all places keep such records. Your property history would include architectural information like date of construction, and physical changes over time; as well as historical facts, which would imply information on who the original owner really was or residents over time.

In general it's best to commence tracing from the current date and search back methodically through the records. This way changes (for instance, street names or numbering are easier to spot). Important changes to note include transfer from one particular owner to another, of course changes in the street names or even numbers, obviously house name changes. There will also be possible changes to allotment numbers whilst a re-subdivision takes place.  There could be changes to actually building on the location.

Visit for details.
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How do you do that? I'm very so confused my children have found gosht in the attic from taking pictures and they wont go to sleep they have been without sleep for day please help me?
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Your local courthouse should have the complete records of past owners, dates of purchase and sales, and usually includes the price paid each time.

Our local museum can also look up the information if the home is over one hundred years old. You might check to see if you have one that can help you.

You might try with the previous owner, and try tracing it back that way, but if it is really old the people might not be around anymore to tell you much.
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I need to fined out historu on my house there are things that are going on that I can not explay plz tell me I'm gust a kid I need to know I'm mom is not seeing the thing I'm seeing or all  that
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If you want the Abstract Of Title, the recorded information, you can do a title search at the County Recorders office, in the County the property is situated in. If you want the assessed information, current and past, see the County Assessors office. The have a pretty good list at help page under Assessors offices. Hope this helps.
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Of course, many people seek to find out information about their house, who has lived there, has anyone died in there, has a celebrity ever lived there? The best and easiest way online to check this kind of information is via sites with specialised Census databases. Simply enter your details and they'll do the work and get all the information you'll need. In no time, all your questions will be answered. Just let us know if you know an easier way to check the history of your home.
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If you want to find out if anyone died in your house, you can easily find out by checking local records. These are accessible through the council usually, so I would firstly call them and make an enquiry.

I cannot find out on your behalf the history of your own house, but I can try to point you in the right direction!

Many Thanks - The BlurtIt! Editor
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Researching the history of your house - how old is your home?

Visit your local Records and Archives Offices. The staff there will be able to help you and suggest records that you can consult.
Apart from census returns which are only helpful for the period between 1841 and 1901 you can look at electoral rolls and voters lists.

For older houses you can look for wills, sale details. The Georgian period ends by the reign of Queen Victoria, therfore census returns will not provide information for that time.

I do suggest a visit to your Archives and Records Offices
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You should try History of Home. I used them to research my old apartment in Brooklyn and found a bunch of information. They gave me who used to live here, what they did for a living, the nation of origin, their ethnicity, their reading abilities, even how much rent was in the past. They were really quick and I found out so much, I recommend trying them.
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You may not won't hear or see what you find out..I have no ideal how you do This ..but you can go on line.. To find out when your house was built.or if there's been any deths- in your home.
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You can check with the State Historic Preservation Office to find out if your house was a historic structure before if you have any doubts about its origins. Or, you can to go to the city offices and request for a specialized deed search on your house address, which give vital information on your house's origins and history.

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