Why Is My Dishwasher Not Filling Up With Water?


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Assuming the dishwasher has been working fine until now, and, the water and power are turned on as normal. The first thing to try if it will not fill with water is, pull out the dishwasher, unplug from the mains for safety. If they are long enough you can leave the water hoses
(inlet and outlet) connected. And just lay the dishwasher on it's side for a few minutes, or better still, turn it upside down. Put towels down to catch any water that may come out.
Put the dishwasher back, switch on, and try it. It works for us. Why, you may ask.....The water fill side is controlled by pneumatic pressure, and sometimes a small air hole gets blocked, tricking the dishwasher into thinking it is already full of water.
I am not suggesting this will work with all dishwashers, but it is a very cheap and easy way to eliminate one possible fault.
I hope it works for you!
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Try turning on the tap. It might be under the sink area or round about. It works like the washing machine, which also has a small lever under the sink, try that and if you still can't the dish washer to fill, then ask the person who plumb it in the first place

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