Has Anyone Ever Heard Of A Grave Blanket ?


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Grave blankets are combinations of flowers and foliage, formed and wired together to partially or fully cover the graveside. They were first used to decorate grave sites in the winter in colder areas, (when flowers were not available or too fragile to withstand the bitter cold). Traditional grave blankets were used in the late fall and winter. They became very popular during the Christmas season.

In recent years, grave blankets have been used throughout the year, often to commemorate the birthday of the deceased, an anniversary, Mother's Day, Veteran's Day, etc. Most florists can make them and assist in choosing the appropriate design.
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A grave blanket is an arrangment usually of pine boughs, pine comes, artificial snow and the like. Instead of a cover for the coffin, it is placed on the grave, hence, a grave blanket.
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I have heard of a coffing blanket that goes on the coffing at the funerial home. The long line of flowers on the casket. But I don't know if that is what they are refering to

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