How Do I Replace The Primer Bulb On A Mac 3200 Chain Saw?


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There is plenty of information on a Mac, or McCulloch, chain saw on, including a detailed parts list and FAQ. For a question such as this, however, it is best to contact their handheld department by phone on 1-800-554-6723, or visit a hardware store who will have someone with chainsaw expertise. It is said that if you have never used a McCullough chain saw, you are in for a treat of a lifetime. You may never go back to other lesser brands of chainsaws again after you have had the opportunity to cut some wood or even glass with a McCullough. There is a reason that when people think McCullough they think of the best possible chainsaw they can find on the market today. That reason is, of course, that the McCullough chainsaw has brought nothing but good fortune and quality workmanship to the chainsaw industry since day one when the chain saw first dropped in from McCullough. There are many brands of chainsaw available on the open market today, and as with anything the possibility that you may find one of a lesser value than another is of paramount concern to consumers. Many major manufacturers have brand names behind them that, to some people, carry a lot of weight. The question is, however, whether or not carrying a lot of weight instantaneously translates into carrying a good value for the chainsaw. The McCullough chain saw is available at stores such as Wal-Mart and is renowned for being a great value for the money. The quality and reliability of the McCullough chainsaw makes it among the top choices for professionals.
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It is simply held in by plastic tabs on the primer bulb. All you have to do is pry behind it and easily pop it out with a flat screw driver.

The tabs break easily but replacment primer bulbs are available.
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Take it to a service department.

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