What Are Three Behaviors That Threaten Environmental Sustainability?


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Pollution, toxicity of many products, loss of forests, electromagnetic pollution, nuclear threat, depletion of the ozone layer, are some of the factors that threaten the environmental sustainability.
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Gum chewing, cigarette smoking, not recycling, using cleaning products that aren't environment-friendly,... All of these are examples you could use. I had a college class that focused on the environment a while back. Hope this helps.
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Environment Stability is basically refers to the stability of the natural environment around us which has become increasingly difficult due to pollution and over population. Each person can contribute to environmental stability by adopting certain rules for his/her household. Some of the behaviors that threat the environmental stability are as follows:
- Purchase of products that are not recycleable.
- Usage of Plastic bags
- Use of toxic chemicals as pesticides for lawns etc.
For more details on human threat to environmental stability and ways through which we can change it, see the link below:
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Air pollution
Water pollution
Destroying of forests

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