What Do You Do With Old Cards?


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Here are a couple of ideas: Make a special book with all your favorite and special cards. Buy a 3-ring binder and get the plastic protector sheets for your cards. Put them in order by using special sheets with tabs so you can mark birthday, wedding, etc. Then you can decorate the outside of the binder any way you choose. Another idea is to carefully cut around each card saving the notations and the decorations. Make a "collage" out of all the cards and put on a cork board in a hallway, in a den, etc. And use a decoupage technique. Have fun!
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Well, so far I have all the cards since my childhood with me in a cupboard. You are right, it takes a lot of space but such precious things always find their place very easily. It what I believe. You always enjoy the old memories whenever you get time to read them and it brings smile on your face.

You can fix a place to bundle the cards together or category wise and save them.
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I have an idea for what to do with the Christmas cards.  The ones I just can't live without(usually because of the scene on the front), I frame them & turn them into a picture.  For example.....I love cardinals & a lot of Christmas cards have them on them.  Well my whole bedroom is done in a cardinals theme( the birds, not the team:-) so I frame the Christmas cards that have those on them & use it all year round as accents in my bedroom. Hope this helps.
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I, myself am a card collector and what I do with them is I put them in a scrap box. Ever heard of a scrap album? It's the same thing except the fact that you can put cards writing materials, stickers, etc.
I understand that it is hard to throw away so that's what I do.
(I still have my valentine cards!)
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This excludes cards from my kids and loved ones. I reuse the cards by cutting them up and glue on construction paper. I cut out all the pretties and decorate inside and out, then I write my own special note inside. Some times I cheat and write from several verses from other cards to make my own message.I have different size envelopes so make cards to fit if mailing , other wise I put ribbon or streamers on them,stickers etc. I made one for my daughter and she loved that it was made by me. Wrote on back made by mom! She said she would always keep it!
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sounds a good idea! I am happy for those cards where they have new value by reusing them.
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Well we give them to the kids who with a bit of work and cutters and glue they make some fantastic home made cards how that`s for recyling
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I put mine in a photo album.
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They most assuredly can be shuffled & dealt with! The old timers in from the Vaudeville circuit earned the old age rest home!
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I keep ones with special sentimental value, and those with a picture that I really like.
The rest I either cut down to make gift labels, or put them in the special recycling bins that some places have after Christmas.
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I either resicle or make a crafty colage I have made 1 allredy !!!!! Good for kids who like to make and dooo I made some with my kids xxx
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I give them to the people I read .. I let them pick 3 representitive cards for themselves as a gift to remind them of me & our reading..

Comments please...
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i am of course talking about Tarot cars ...from which i have an olde deck with missing cards ...in my experience 2 decks lost by 2 different dogs eating a card ! lol

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