How I Can Kill Cockroach In The Winter Times. We Are Moving New Home. And We Put Everything Outside In The Very Cold Winter Times Now.. Wondering Kill Cockroach If The Temper Is Too Cold To Kills Roach?


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Boric acid kills roaches. You can also add flour, sugar, and water to form balls to set out as bait. The roaches smell the sugar and are attracted to the poison balls.
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That cold will kill them..BUT!!!

For every one u see, there r 100,more u don't see and your new home will prob b infested.

Boric Acid is good for PESTS not pets. Raid works great too but not if the animals get it.

Place Boric Acid, in cupboards, drawers ECT where pets don't go. Tape up holes and cracks. Put boric acid tablets and tape to the wall so pets can't get them.

I remember an acquaintance once telling me how once a month, she sprayed outside and inside all around her house with Raid and she said it kept roaches away from her house.

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You could kill a few cockroaches but you can't really get rid of them. Mix boric acid with little sugar and any of the wheat flour and smear them on to pieces of paper place them strategically all over. That will discourage from infesting your house.

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Cockroaches normaly move out in the summers because they hibernate in winters. But if you still find them, I think the spray and the powders will work well.

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