Who Makes Benchtop Pro Brand Power Tools?


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The information as to who makes Benchtop Pro Brand Power Tools is not widely available, but it is thought to be Delta Power Equipment Corp. Benchtop Pro products are widely available in K-Mart and replacement products such as batteries can be found on online auction sites such as eBay.

If you have had a problem with your Benchtop Pro product, return it to the store you bought it from for either a full refund or a replacement. This is your right as a consumer if there is a fault with the product and you have not owned it for longer than the guarantee, which should be a year or more for an electrical tool.

Delta Power Equipment Corporation designs and manufactures power tools, with an emphasis on woodworking tools.

The company was originally founded in Wisconsin under the name 'Delta Specialty Company'. The small company was based in a garage and were extremely successful as they sold tools for homes and shops. The company slowly expanded and was bought by Rockwell Manufacturing Company in 1945 when the company was renamed to become Delta Power Tool Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Company. The company thrived and in 1966 when they invented the first power saw. The company was then bought my Pentair and eventually the whole company was bought by Black and Decker. This part of the business was then bought by a Taiwan based company in January 2011 called Chang Type Industrial Co. Ltd.

When buying any power tool, you should always ensure that you have a warranty so that if something were to happen to the product, you know you can return it. Many Benchtop Pro products are available on eBay and spare parts are also for sale across the Internet but it not stated anywhere who definitely produced Benchtop Pro.
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