What Are Super-weeds?


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Super weeds refers to unwanted plant species which have become resistant to herbicides. Herbicides are chemicals used to kill unwanted plants. This is a potential problem with any type of herbicide, but has especially become a discussed issue within the context of genetically modified (GM) agricultural crops.

The leading US (and global) company developing GM crops is Monsanto. Many of their best-selling crops are designed to be resistant to a herbicide called glyphosate ("Round-Up"). Glyphosate is sprayed on the field before planting, kills everything (almost), degrades rapidly and soon the glyphosate-resistant crop can be planted and it will grow well.

The resisant crop sometimes breeds with wild but closely-related species, creating weeds that were never much of a problem before (superweeds). This is especially likely to happen when a glyphosate-resistant crop is grown on the same patch of land year after year. Moreover, the GM crop may itself become a superweed, bred as it has been, to be resistant to herbicides if the farmer wants to plant something different in later years.

Example actual or potential superweeds are rye-grass in Australia, soybeans in North American and many wild cousins of oilseed rape in Britain.
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Superweeds are plants that are resist to die by herbicides. In other words its the fightback of plants for their survival,

The weeds which are usually killed by herbicides become slowly resistant to that by evolution and now holding their ground. This could be the wake up call.for us to move towards organic farming.

Some of the bioenergy crops and herbicides that have resulted in super weeds are :

Monsanto's glyphosate resistant soya bean.

Bayer's glufosinate resistant cotton and soybeans.

Monsanto's corn that is tolerant to both glyphosate and glufosinate, and
the company is developing crops resistant to dicamba, an older

Syngenta's Callisto tolerant soybeans. Dow Chemical's2,4-D tolerant corn and soybeans 
Source: :Effect of these super weeds



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