How To Clean A Deep Fryer?


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I just cleaned mine like a month ago. I used oven cleaner, the no fumes kind, and it worked really well. After I washed it with soap and water, then I filled it with water and turned it on so the water would boil. All of the stuff left over floated to the top. Then I let the hot water out through the drain to clean it. If it greasy on the outside, I used a degreaser. Spray it on let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe off. I hope this helps good luck.
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I have a Rival Deep Fryer. Mine has detachable parts so after using it I let it cool completely,and remove the heating element and just use a hot soapy dish cloth and then rinse with a cloth untill all residue is removed. This is working great for me and the element does not stay in the oil all the time. I strain the oil and reuse it when needed.Hope this helps, God Bless.
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Recently, I have bought a lot of household kitchen appliances, among which there was a deep fryer. But the choice of kitchen appliances must be approached with all seriousness, because every child will use it, so it must be of high quality, you can find advice on choosing here . Before choosing a deep fryer, you will also need to compare which you need more: A deep fryer or an oven. In the deep fryer, you can cook more food, but the oven has more options and different cooking modes. It's up to you.

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I got a little one and can't figure out how to take it apart so I can clean it one piece at a time

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