How Do You Remove A Harmonic Balancer Off A 1990 Buick Century?


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Is your engine a V-6? If so then those bolts that hold the balancer to the crankshaft are hard hard to get loose. You have to remove the belt, take off the nut and pull the balancer with a puller. I know this sounds dumb, but, I know a lot of mechanics that have done this. Put a breaker bar and a socket on the bolt with a piece of pipe for an extension. Pull the wire going to the coil pack, the ignition wire. While holding the pipe against the firewall have someone bump the starter. Only do this if you cannot get the nut loose. I have had those so tight that an air wrench would not break them loose.
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I have a puller from auto store I rented, the bolts don't seem to be the right size of 516 or 38 that came with the puller kit. What size does it take. Need help

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