How To Remove Rear View Mirror From Citroen Xsara Picasso?


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  • How to remove it

Have a look at this website: . Not only does it provide details on how to remove the rear view Mirror from your particular car, but also from a range of others. The site also boasts a question and answer section should you get stuck, as well as various hints and tips they discovered along the way.

  • About the Citroën

A huge manufacturer of cars, Citroën was founded by Frenchman André-Gustave Citroën in 1919, and was the first mass-production car company in the world that was not in the United States of America. 

It was Citroën that came up with the then contemporary way of developing a services and sales system that shows the car in a favorable light, and so it is not surprising that, after only eight years of being in the business, they had become Europe's biggest car manufacturer, the 4th largest in the entire world.

Developing a reputation for ground breaking, novel engineering, Citroën produced, in 1924, the first car in Europe whose body was completely manufactured in steel, and in 1934 created the world's first ever mass produced car, the Traction Avant, that featured front wheel drive technology.

Still as popular as ever, Citroën designed and introduced a new logo, and therefore identity, in the February of 2009 to celebrate the company's 90th anniversary.

This new logo, which was designed by a company called the Landor Associates, shows the Citroën name in a new font, with the original design of the double chevron to be updated into a 3-dimensional, metallic alternative.

There have also been a variety of other events that have caused for celebration throughout the company lately, such as the production of the C3 Picasso 90th Anniversary Edition.

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