What Is The Best Way To Remove Fingerprints From Photos?


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Put a tiny bit of windowcleaner on a clean cloth. Wait for it to become semi-dry on the cloth. Carefully wipe the smudges on the photo in circular movements, without putting pressure.
I worked for me on a semi-glossy picture. Good luck.
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Wipe them off with a tack cloth or a pure cotton like a t shirt or a cloth diaper. If the oils of the fingerprints have started leaching into the photograph then the only thing to do is have reprints made from the negatives or new ones printed from the cd. Hope this helps.
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Down load a photo shop on your comp. Scan the pic. I've been working with pix that date back to 1880 that are so bad with rips,finger prints,yellowed to where you can hardly see them, and these photo shops ( know by many names ) will mend these pix to the point that their better than the day they were taken.

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