I Have An Old Set Of Silverware Marked Pat Apld For 1881 The Letter R Inside Of What Looks Like A Wreath Rogers Another Letter R With A Wreath Around The Letter Followed By A1 Please Tell Me What These Marking Mean Is This Sterling Silver?


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Unfortunately it is probably not going to be made from sterling silver.

  • About Wreath Rogers
The silverware you are discussing is from the Wreath Rogers line. According to the history of that company they made numerous pieces of sterling silver, silver plated, and stainless steel silverware.

Rogers company was very keen to place sterling somewhere on the silverware if it was indeed sterling silver. The markings by themselves are not going to tell you if it is sterling silver.

  • Take it to an antique shop
If you are still unsure based on the information provided, it is best to take a piece of your silverware to an antique shop or another location that knows what to look for regarding sterling silver.

These shops tend to have experts in what is or is not sterling silver. A good article to read is

This article discusses the Rogers silverware and also provides some more links to information. Should you really have sterling silver you can expect it to fetch $75 to $200 depending on where you sell it. The writer of the article is based in Atlanta and is a silverware expert. You may be able to send a picture of your silverware to him and have him determine what type of silverware you have.

  • Where to sell
Silver plate pieces are not going to have any real value, but they will still be pretty. You may be able to sell them for a few dollars if that is your intention of finding out what you have. Craigslist and eBay also provide you with price information based on the pattern of silverware you have that will help you sell it.

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