Who Would Buy A Catalytic Converter For Scrap And How Much?


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Hello, Recytal LLC. Would probably be the best place to sell your scrap catalytic converter, they've been in business for many years and specialize in buying scrap catalytic converters.  You can ship the catalytic converter if you are not local.  Check them out at recytal.com
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There are many different tyoes of scrap converters - As of Jan 16, 2009 - current prices for scrap converters are:

Mixed Catalytic Convertor Scrap  16.48   27.56  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Small GM)  22.90   38.21  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Large GM)  34.42   57.46  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Standard American)  16.48   27.56  each  USD  
Large Domestic - Honeycomb  21.15   35.15  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Large Chrysler)  28.15   46.81  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Small European/Asian)  29.02   48.27  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Large European/Asian)  46.08   76.71  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Exotic 2 Biscuit)  57.89   96.54  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Medium)  11.81   19.69  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Double Plug)  13.85   23.04  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Jumbo)  28.73   47.83  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (Diesel Convertor)  8.31   13.85  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (American Pre-Convertor)  6.27   10.50  each  USD  
Scrap Convertors (European Pre-Convertor)  13.27   22.02  each  USD  

Source: www.scrapmetalpricesandauctions.com

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