How Do I Find A Built-in Dishwasher To Fit My 32 1/2 Inch Height Restriction To Fit Where My Old One Was?


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You can buy an ada compliant dishwasher like an Asko which should then fit...I had the same exact problem
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Home depot sells a GE Adora that is 32.35: Tall, and Lowes sells a tall tub that is 32 11/32" and sears has a maytag that is about the same heigth, but the problem is ALL three of them are over $450 and have POOR reviews for parts and services, I am having the same problem. Mine is going into a rental property and the dishwashing drawers are REALLY out of the question.
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If I'm not mistaken you only need about a half inch. This is probably due to a floor being installed too high. If this is the case you need to either remove the adjustable legs on the dishwasher or more likely remove some of the floor to install a new dishwasher. Keep this question open in case someone knows of a suitable dishwasher that can be installed without all the hassle.

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