Where Can I Find Woodworking Plans For An Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder?


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You wouldn't need a plan for the one we used when I was a kid.

During WWII paper was rationed and toilet paper would have been a luxury. So we cut newspapers into little squares and hung them on a nail hammered into the outhouse wall.

It sounds uncivilised, I suppose, but that's how things were in the first half of the 1940s. I'd forgotten that till you asked your question.

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Try the Home Handyman site.  You might also be abvle to find a video "how-to" on Youtube.  It is amazing what is on there. 

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Hey there. I think nowadays you can find all necessary information in internet. Did you try to search in google? By the way do you have all necessary equipment to do such things? If you often work with wood, I can recommend to pay attention on these router table plates from they can be very helpful in such work!

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Looking for wood patterns out house toilet paper hold

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