The Gardenia Bud Always Turn Brown And Fall, Why?


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My potted gardenia is growing new leaves, but some of the older ones from the tips are turning from green to brown. Also there is a small amount of new leaves this is happening too as well.
Thanking you in anticipation for your help.
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Recommend that you go ahead and plant them in the ground. They could be getting root-bound if the pots aren't big enough. Gardenia doesn't like a whole lot of water which could cause the buds to darken and fall off.
They also bloom better in sun to part shade. Too much shade can cause the blooms to not open.
Hope this helps.
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Thank you for rescuing me Nascarnut!
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Thanks MASCARNUT,I'll try the pickle juice...
tamarind, I live in Pflugerville Texas, I think its consider South too...Still my banana and papaya trees died from the first cold front hit. The cayene pepper survive at the south side of the house,its flowering now..
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Okay then, guess I didn't goof up on my answer too bad then. I live in Central Florida and our gardenia do well down here in the winter. Once in a blue moon it will hit the low 30s' but doesn't stay there for long. Nice to meet you Mariana and thank you for the reply.

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