How To Make Working Model Of Water Purifier?


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There are a few ways to go about making your own water purifier. Here is an example of one of the ways to construct your own:
1.Get a container, like a two or three litre bottle.
2.Activated charcoal. This is significant to the filter's capability.
3.Fine and coarse sand separated.
4.Fine and coarse gravel separated.
5.Cotton if available. Pebbles will work as well.

The water filter will work with the bottle in an overturned position. Cut off the bottom of the bottle as this is where you will pour the water in later.

Block the spout of the bottle with cotton to prevent the substances being filtered from falling out of the bottle. If cotton is not available, you can use a couple of inches of pebbles.

Above the cotton, put in about an inch of sand, then some activated charcoal. Finally, top it off with coarse sand and fine and coarse gravel. You may now pour water into the top end of the filter.
Please remember that although this filter functions, it will not remove chemicals or other hazardous things that have dissolved into the water.

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