What Are The Good And Bad Things About Electricity?


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I don't think it is possible to imagine a world without electricity today. Everything and everyone is dependent on electricity. You can't work without basic essentials like Light, water, (You need electricity to pump it in, in most of the countries), electric heating systems, electric cooking ranges, other daily use electric appliances like electric kettles, juicers, toasters etc. Most of the people can't do without television. Thus, there are many advantages of electricity as our daily routine is based on various functions provided by electricity. The only disadvantage that I can see is that we have got too much dependent on it.
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Practically, there is no disadvantages...all advantages. The only "negative" advantage I should say is, we have no electric bill to pay when we don't have electricity.
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I have an Amish man putting vinyl siding on my house.  I asked him why they don't use electricity?  He said it was because they were afraid they would use things that they should not.  I asked if it was t.v.'s and radio's and he said yeah.
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This is the most interesting question I have come across here. For thousands of years the human race lived without electricity and if they couldn't survive without it we wouldn't be here today. Windmills and hand pumps can pump water. Even 4 stroke petrol pumps. Wood range stoves and fire places. Kerosene lamps for light. Animals like horses and bullocks to pull our carts. Put extra blankets on our beds rather than turn the heater up or electric blanket on. Buy fresh food everyday and only buy what you are going to eat. Storing dry foods would be no different. No freezer, no fridge, just good fresh food and there fore a healthier diet. Read a newspaper to get the news and weather forecast rather than a TV. We can surely live without electricity again, it wouldn't be too hard. But it does mean more work involved. Carting water, chopping wood etc.
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Amish people look at linking with electrical wires as a connection with the world, which is forbidden in their interpretation of the Bible. Amish people feel that connecting to power lines would not be in the best interest of the Amish community. They did not make this decision because they thought electricity was evil in itself, but because easy access to it could lead to many temptations and the deterioration of their family life.

Most of us today would think it impossible to live without the modern conveniences such as electricity and cars. Amish are unique since they choose to do without these even when they are readily available. The Amish value simplicity and self-denial over comfort, convenience and leisure

For the Amish a power outage or shortage are no threat. Their lifestyle is a deliberate way of separating from the world and maintaining self-sufficiency.
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Have you ever heard of mennonites they are the reason the amish exist and they use electricity selectively and even use cars and tractors...though the amish technically don't use these things by association they do since they we're once part of the mennonite community.... Also technically they use electric devices by law they use signal lights and street lights... So they do and don't use electric...
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Well as you may know they believe that its a man made and just made to make things easier but it also does create health problems sometimes. But as you said they want to be closer to god. But god created evolution and man has evolved and created electricity and all the modern day things. So in reality it does not matter if you use electricity or not. You are still as close to god as an amish person.
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Amish here in central Kentucky do use electricity. I n fact I just got do install a central heating and air conditioning system in an Amish house. They had all electric appliances, DSL broadband internet   and cable TV. They have driver licenses and drive cars and use farm equipment and machinery.
Many Amish here are quite rich from running businesses and being exempted on many taxes. I am not joking in the least, I am being dead serious. I live in Munfordville, KY.
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Good things:
1. It powers almost all the domestic appliances.
2. It powers your TV (This had to be a special mention) and your computer
3. It gives you light, lots of it and clean and cheap.
4. Electric trains run on it.
5. It's a cleaner source of power than, say oil.

Bad things:
1. It can kill you.
(Really all I can think of right now)
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It is to do with their belief in living off the land and living as purely as they can, to be closer with God. They don't deal with autos, electric machines, or anything modern unless they can totally keep from it. Hope this helps, good luck.
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They believe in the old times as if nothing was invented. So what if nothing was invented, you would say. Then every one else would  live as the amish live.
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They believe that technology and electricity and mans modern ways keeps them from being closer to god.
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Th Amish want to live as simple and untainted a life as possible, and they shun modern conveniences as worldly.

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