We Are Starting A New Construction Clean-up Business, What Should We Do To Get Jobs?


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First make sure you are licensed and insured. Most contractors wont touch you otherwise.  Also Be familiar with the laws of job sites regarding clothing.. Most say no shorts.. No short tops or tank tops And also Some require hardhats if its a site that has ongoing const.  

Once you have your licensing go through the yellow pages and call contractors offices.. Get their fax numbers and fax them something with all your information on it.  Trust me.. We don't pay much attention until we have all that in writing.   You could go through the county and try to get a list of current construction but it is easier to go through the yellow pages.  After awhile if you do well word of mouth spreads and that's your biggest help. 

Good Luck.  OH and here's a tip.. When cleaning the insides of cabinets.. When you think you have all the dust out.. SlAM the doors and drawers.. More will fall .. This is a test some contractors use to see if their cleaners are thorough.  OH and be very very careful of putting Products on Granite.. Or Corian tops and also certain finishes on cabinets.. Research is your Friend.. Know what you are working on and working with.. If you damage something.. You will be back charged.  AND.. If you have to go back and re-clean because a subcontractor made a mess.. Like got paint on the windows.. You can back charge them..
Good Luck :)
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I forgot something.. if you clean with any chemicals you need to carry the MSDS sheets on it.. or OSHA can shut you or the site down.
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Find someone to phone around for you, to find out from other construction clean up companies what they normally charge etc. Just don't mention to the that you are in the same business as they are.
Start with phoning your local municipality maybe, find out where new constructions are taking place. Get numbers of the people or companies in charge. Phone them and let them know the nature of your business.
Do some advertising in newspapers etc. - make sure that you don't spend too much on this.
Just some ideas to help you think....hope it helps.
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I know of a great company that will do all of the tedious foot work for you.  They are a lead generation company and will provide you with the quality leads you need to find construction companies who are looking for your services

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