Who Buys Scrap Tires In Chicago IL? Where Can You Sell Scrap Tires?


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There are strict regulations on the condition of tyres on your vehicle so if you are looking to use worn tyres you need to make sure they adhere to local regulations in terms of tread depth etc. If your tyres have seen better days it may well be worth replacing them for new ones and it is this decision that provides local authorities with a dilemma each year when it comes to what do with them. On the other hand you may well have a large surplus of tyres that you wish to get rid of, if you are a car garage or mechanic.
There is little value in used tyres as rubber, particularly badly worn rubber, as it is not easily recycled because tyres are designed to last and not break down easily. However, governments and local authorities have had a huge amount of pressure put on them to find a use for used tyres as an alternative to land fill and incineration. Considering the amount of used rubber that is disposed of each year in this form there are significant opportunities for companies who can put the waste product to good use, some examples being carpet underlay, sports grounds, noise insulation and vibration reduction as well as matting for children’s playgrounds.
As for what to do with old tyres in Illinois and the Chicago area, there are a couple of options. The Solid Waste Agency based in Cook County, 2700 Patriot Blvd, Glenview, (847) 724-9205, can provide you with a list of companies that will dispose of them. You could take advantage of Chicago's Department of Streets and Sanitation's program called "Tire Bounty Days", which provides incentives for non-profit organizations to clean up and collect used tyres on the streets. These are generally held twice a year.

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