How To Take The Front Panel Off A Top Loading Washer?


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Pull forward toward yourself as you stand in front of your washer, pull the TOP of the washer, as I said before, it should kindof "Pop" then, just lift up on the front part closest to you, it will open like a door except toward the back (like the hinges are on the backside of the top of the washer), then you can get to the panels, screws etc,, because the whole top of your washer will be open.It's pretty easy to get the front panel off, and go from there. Granted, it does require some muscles to pull it forward (not up yet) until you hear it pop loose, then pull up (from the front). It's easy after that because you can see everything down inside your washer, where screws are and all the rest. Hope this helps more than it confuses. Good Luck
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If you got out a straight screw driver and wrapped the tip in a cloth so you don't chip the enamel. On the front  where the top meets the front there is a seem . Put your screw driver in the seem nearest the side but in the front and gently pry the top up. There should be a clip holding the top to the front. Use a flashlight to better locate the clip. Once you've popped both clips on either side you can open the top like the hood of a car. On the inside you should see a 5/16 hex head screw holding the front to the side panel. The same on the other side. Once the screws are out you should be able to lift up on the front as it sits on hooks at the bottom. You may have to unplug a wire harness or two. If it doesn't go easy, it don't go. Look for the reasons it don't go easy or you'll break something.
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I had this problem before and found that the pump was clogged.
Can you hear the pump start up when the spin cycle engages? If not, the pump may be burnt up or the timer on your washer may be bad.
 Not sure if this is the same problem that you have, but know that a clogged pump will not allow the water to drain.
Once you have siphoned the water from the tub, you could unplug the washer, take the back panel off, then tip the washer for better access to the pump.
Remove the pump, take it to your kitchen sink and run water into the intake to see if it is flowing through. It could have something like a sock stuck in it. If the water is not flowing through the pump, then it is most likely clogged. You should be able to look inside the input and output to see if there is anything stuck in it. Also, check the hoses that you disconnected to the pump to make sure they are clear.
If the pump and hoses are okay, then I would suspect that the timer on your washer has gone bad.
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Washer won't spin

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