My Pekingese.has Cloudy And Watery Eye(left Only) And Today I Found A White Spot Made Like A Shell Peanut, At The Bottom Part Of His Eye Lid,inside Of It.. While I Was Cleaning It And He Barked Like It Hurt Him? What Could This Be?


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My pekingese dog, Oscar have a cloudy left eye. I took him to a vet this morning.  She said that something make a little hole in the eye and recommend that we take him to an eye hospital tonight, and said that it is a corneal ulcer.  Is it neccessary for the operation.
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Few medical conditions can cause cloudy eyes in dogs. These can be be corneal ulcer, glaucoma, cataract, and anterior uvietis. You should take your dog to vet for the accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. 
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I understand that and i have taken him before about his eyes he has 2 creams for cloudy eye film,,but this is new the white spot..can't aford to take to the drs,,right now no job..and the charge over 200.00 everytime we take him..please help his name is gizzmo and i love him so much..please

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