What Makes The Battery Wiring Get Hot And The The Battery Boils?


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If your wiring is hot you must have a dead short somewhere. As it won't go it could be the solenoid which engages the gearbox. If the motor starts with the starter you now have then I wouldn't put out the money for a new one until the other problem is solved.
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Okay, lets think about this for a minute. If your battery is getting hot enough to boil, then it is getting too much juice to it. So, ask yourself this question. What generates the voltage to the battery?

If the motor is starting, as you say it is, then it isn't the starter.

If the positive and negative on the battery were crossed, then it would have most likely have blown a fuse and possibly the starter, ignition switch, and starter relay,(if it has one) would have fried due to the reversal of polarity.

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I believe your positive & negative wires are reversed on battery.
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Don't you be calling me smarty pants when you read my answer. Remember, I can hear you missy. Just teasing you, have seen the battery hooked up backwards on an outboard before though.Would have a blown fuse for sure. I am absolutely, 100% positive that i could possibly, kinda sorta think that I might be right. Lol.

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