How Do I Turn The Feed Dogs On A Singer 'Stylist 533' Sewing Machine On And Off?


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I have a Singer Stylist 533 sewing machine - how do I turn the feed dogs on and off?

Unfortunately, in the case of the Singer Stylist 533 sewing machine, there is no way of turning the feed dogs on or off.

If you wish to use the feed dogs to free-sew, then in the original attachment kit there should be a feed cover plate.

If you do not own the original attachment kit, or you have lost it, then one can be picked up on the internet for a very modest sum.

Using the feed cover plate - and then setting the foot pressure pedal to either one or zero - you are then able to free-sew.

  • Feed dogs are the most important component of a drop-feed mechanism, and they are typically two or three small metal bars with diagonal teeth that move back and forth.
  • They are used to pull the fabric through the machine in between the stitches.
  • A feed cover plate for a Singer Stylist 533 should be reasonably easy to find on the internet.
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As far as I can tell with my Singer 533, there is no way to drop the feed dogs. The manual says that you have to get a different needle plate that covers them if you want to do free-motion sewing.

But, I haven't been able to locate one of those either.
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There is  a dial on the top of the machine that goes from "D" and then to numbers. This increases the pressure of the feed dogs. The "D" is for darn and it allows you to move fabric freely.

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