How Do I Remove The T3 Bulb From A Hampton Bay Light?


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James Milford answered
As Hampton Bay produce several models of light and ceiling fan lights, I can only give you some general guidance, although for the actual removal of the T3 bulb it should be the same with all models:

• First of all ensure that you cut the power to the light fitting you are about to change to make sure you don't electrocute yourself. I know it's obvious but so many people forget. Then get a set of steps or a stepladder ensuring that they are secure and safely on level ground.

• If the bulb on your light is uncovered you need to push the bulb in and slide it to the left or to the right depending on the model of light you have. This is because one end of the sprocket that is attached to the bulb is spring loaded. It should now release from its base enabling its removal; you can now reverse the process to fit the replacement bulb.

• If you have a ceiling fan or your bulb is covered by a globe shade you will need to remove that first. Make sure you hold the fan or globe shade in one hand, whilst loosening the screws that keep the fan or globe in place with the other.

• Once the bulb is in make sure you secure all fittings that you have loosened or removed, turn the power back on and test the light. Hopefully everything should be back in working order.

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