What Is A Water-soluble Cleanser And Is It Good For The Face?


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Water soluble cleansers are gentle on the skin and they generally contain no fragrance whatsoever. They wash off all traces of make-up without leaving the skin dry or greasy and they also are non-abrasive which means that they do not contain any particles which might irritate the face. Generally there are two different types of water soluble cleansers and they include one which washes off, and one which you remove using a wet face cloth. If you do use one which requires a cloth to remove it, then it is better if you choose one which is soft and will not irritate or rub your skin too much.

Generally water soluble cleansers are a lot better for the face and they leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed rather than greasy or dry. The skin on the face can be extremely sensitive so anything which does not irritate it is definitely worth investing in!
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Lancome has a really good one, I use it every day, it rinses right off with water, no problem.  My skin is soft and clear, most of the time, anyway.
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Nice topic, that’s
why I am giving my daughter a foaming cleanser
through Kidskin to cure her acne. It contains tea tree and balances and cuts through the oil without
drying the skin. With anti-bacterial and natural antiseptic action blemishes
don't stand a fighting chance.

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