I See This Insulation On Holmes On Homes All The Time And I Would Like To Get Some, But Don't Know Where To Get It. He Calls It Rock Salt Or Rock Wool Insulation That Is Fire And Sound Proof. If Anyone Could Help That Would Be Great?


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The insulation you're looking for is a band called ROCKWOOL. It claims to be fire proof, good at noise reduction, sustainable and energy efficient. It is made from naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock which is smelted and spun into fibers. Looking at the homeowner section of the website. It is turned into three types of information: Roof, floor and wall.

Assuming this insulation will be used in your home I will just explain how the insulation helps with each of the things you want.

The ROCKWOOL material is fire proof, it can withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees centigrade, which could provide the extra time needed to escape a burning house and reduce damages.

Another thing it claims to be is noise reducing. It achieves this through its open fibrous structure, thus regulating noise inter and intra-house. However, it could also be used on it's own for a room (for instance if one of your children is a heavy metal enthusiast).
The material used in the ROCKWOOL insulation is 97% recyclable. During its long lifetime a typical Rockwool insulation product saves more than 100 times the energy invested in its manufacture, transport and ultimate disposal.

The last thing ROCKWOOL advertises is that it can cut energy costs for you home. By insulating the roof, floor and walls of your home it keeps heat in and saves you money. However, any good insulation should do this job as well.

For more information and to find local stock holders of the insulation go to bit.ly/h9XaKJ where you can find more information about the insulation and how it could be used in your home.

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