I Have Very Small Round White Bugs On My Couch. They Are Extremely Tiny And Move With Incredible Speed. They Bite And Leave Large Red Itchy Welts. Please Can You Help?


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I have had the same problem recently and two years ago at another house. I would itch on my arms legs and mostly at areas that bend like joints. The things I seen were white and like a sliver of a fkake, very hard to the touch, maybe the shell of somthing? I cleaned really good with lysol on my couches and mattress and they went away.
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Um I had the same issue get about 8-16 bug bombs and get out of the house for a while.
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Well, sanitation is very important for keeping all kinds of bugs and insects out of your home. First of all you need to clean your couch. Do it with a lightly wet cloth. In order to completely get rid of the bugs. Get a good brand of insecticide. Put your furniture outside preferably under the son. Then spray the insecticide over it such that none of the places are hidden. Let it stay in the sun for a day and then you can clean with a cloth . You will see there will be no bugs in future.
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They kind of sound like bed bugs.  From what I hear, you have to do almost everything close to burning the house down to get rid of them.  I would go do some research on them.  I have read that one way you can really tell is if you turn the lights on in the middle of the night, after the room has been dark for a few hours, you will probably be more likely to see them...if they are in the couch, check your bed.  The feces is similar to that of fleas in the sense that it contains a lot of digested blood.  Many people find "blood" spots up near the ceiling. The bites are supposedly bad, but you don't usually notice them until the morning.  If you check out some sites, like maybe even WebMD I believe there are pictures.  I thought I had a battle with them once, but I just had hives from allergies... GOOD LUCK!!!

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