How Do You Eat Vegetables Raw?


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Wash them, peel them and eat it! Some fruit and veggies contain a lot of fiber on their peel so you don't have to peel them but you need to make sure you wash them really good to avoid contamination.
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Raw vegetables are best thing to make our health strong. I have also a good experience about raw vegetables. First of all take any raw vegetable,wash it then cut it into pieces as you desire or you can eat them as a whole without cutting means by taking can also make salads of the raw vegetables. Most of the doctors advise to eat raw vegetables.
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I really don't like cooked veggies. Raw veggies are veggies which aren't cooked yet. I mean like the carrots. Get a carrot, wash it, eat it. You can cut it into slices before eating it. You can make a salad out of raw veggies. Get all kinds of veggies you like and then wash them, cut them into small slices, add salt, EVOO, lemon and then eat it.
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I just like veggies..... Raw or cooked......I love nothing more than to have a huge salad for lunch... I like to take one to school for lunch, all my classes are in the same room, and we usually eat right there, so if I don't finish it then I leave it on my desk and nibble on it later during class. MY salads always have broccoli, cauliflower, lots of mushrooms, carrots, green pepper, oh and a little lettuce My families favorite summer dinner is all veggies... Corn on the cob, fried green tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, and sauteed
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You can eat vegetables raw especially as an accompanyment to a meal.For example cabbages can be eaten as salads.You get them cut into small pieces,after you deep them in hot water for three seconds to kill germs, then they are ready to be eaten.Even carrots can be eaten raw as juice or directly only after washing them.
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If I have vegetables raw, like carrots, broccoli, lettuce, etc it is in a salad with dressing or by themselves with ranch.
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I think they are better with a dip of some sort. Ranch is good. Onion and cream cheese is good. Some people make a yogurt dip which is low in calories and even healthier. Raw veggies are O.K. In the natch, but I really love them with Dip.
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The best way for you to consume raw vegetables is to make them into a salad. Salads are delightful to eat and quick n easy to make. You can use various dressing like lemon juice, vinegar, salt and pepper or olive oil! If you have problems eating raw veges like broccoli you could always steam cook them a little.
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I'm not a big fan of veges, raw or cooked, but it's really quite simple- wash, peel, cut up and enjoy!- carrots are a good way 2 start, I think they taste best raw. Good luck!
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Does anyone knows how to wash broccoli before cooking/eating? Happened what happened was once that I did washed  my broccoli and when I was cutting it I saw little bug right inside so since that I am SO grossed out about whole broccoli thing..


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