Who Makes Black Or Dark Charcoal Colored Vinyl Siding?


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Due to not providing your location, or even country it is difficult to recommend stores that supply black or dark charcoal colored vinyl siding as they may only be located in certain states or countries.

Therefore if you are based in the US then you can head to the following website:

You will see that it asks you to put in your zip code and so once you have done this it will bring up a page that lists all the stores in your area that stock dark vinyl siding.
A list of the three leading vinyl siding manufacturers in the US and their websites can be found below:

· CertainTeed - · Crane - · Bell Building Products -
You can also head down to your local big DIY store and ask if they stock any dark colored vinyl siding or if they are able to order in some for you. If you are unaware of your nearest DIY store then simply head to and type in your town or city and then 'DIY Store'.

As with most things, it pays to shop around and so don't just commit yourself to buying the first dark colored vinyl siding you see. The dark colors have become a lot easier to get in the past few years so you should have a lot more choice than you once did when it comes to the colors you like.

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