What Is The Best Way To Clean Football Boots?


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Very badly soiled football boots are a pain to clean. One method is to get a kitchen sink or bucket full of hot soapy water and use a small brush to brush downwards on the spikes on the bottom of the boot, systematically removing all of the mud.

Then, change the water for fresh hot soapy water and start on the tops. Use a damp cloth well rung out in after dipping it in the hot water and remove all of the mud from the top of the boot, including the laces.

Use kitchen roll to thoroughly wipe all of the boot to dry off the excess water and then leave to air dry for about an hour, with more kitchen roll stuffed inside the boots.

When dry, use a water repellent shoe polish in a neutral colour to buff up the leather parts of the boot to protect the top from the next muddy match.
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Use a brush with toothpaste with clean normal water and then wipe with a bit wet cloth. Then wipe with a dry cloth and let it dry.

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Don't , just get another pair

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