What's The Best Way To Cleanse Your Colon?


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Colon cleansing is debatable topic. Doctors don't believe in colon cleansing to remove toxins from the body. Doctors recommend colon cleansing for the preparation of different medical tests because our body removes all toxins by itself and there is no need of any pill or enema to to do this.
Our colon absorb water and salts to maintain electrolyte balance. Colon cleansing without any problem can disturb electrolyte balance. This can lead to anemia, malnutrition and heart failure.
If you want to treat constipation with colon cleansing program then you can do this naturally by drinking plenty of water and eating diet rich in fiber. So, in my opinion, best colon cleansing is by taking good diet rich in fiber and drinking good quantity of water especially before breakfast.

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There are colon clensing drinks that you can get from a pharmacy,they will be able to help you out or a gnc store. Gl

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