Where Can I Find A Belt Routing Diagram For A Woods 59 Lb Mower On A 184 International?


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A link to a diagram showing a belt routing diagram for a Woods 59 Lb. Mower on a 184 International can be found in the following forum: http://www.farmallcub.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=13755.

This forum also includes a number of useful tips that will help you with replacing the belt. Replacing a belt on a Woods 59 mower can be done with relative ease, providing you have the correct replacement part. Consult your Woods 59 Lb. Mower manual for further guidance. If you still can't figure out how to fit the part, seek the help of a professional; for instance, a gardener may be able to fit the part for you with their skills in the industry.

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