What Is The Purpose Of A Delivery Note In Construction?


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Delivery notes are used in almost every industry where deliveries are made. They provide proof that a delivery has been successfully carried out and provide physical evidence that a company can keep on record. It is a physical document that is usually filed for future record and helps companies when balancing the accounts to establish where the company money is being spent.

In construction, many products will be bought and delivered so it is extremely important to keep a track of what has been delivered and paid for and what deliveries are still due. Having a delivery note also ensures that staff will not be blamed for missing stock or can be held accountable if stock that was delivered but is not on the premises. Managers will know who signed for the stock and is therefore responsible.

A delivery note also includes exactly what should be delivered by the courier or delivery driver.  If, for example, the delivery note states that 3 tons of bricks should be delivered, than the person who signs the delivery note should check that all the stock is in place before signing to ensure that both parties on either side of the transaction are happy. Once the delivery note has been signed, this is evidence that the product has been delivered, the customers were happy with the delivery and therefore the managers will pay their bill on the scheduled date. If the customer is not happy with the delivery, they will inform the driver who will either negotiate or take the product back to the warehouse it came from.
It is likely that the customer will then scan the delivery note and either keep it in their computer system or print out the necessary amount of copies and send them to the necessary departments.

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