What Year Did Albert T Marshall Patent The Refrigerator?


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The refrigerator has become a stalwart piece of technology which defined the notion of the American dream and has gone from a symbol of luxury, achievement and the future, to the ubiquitous entity in every Western kitchen. Despite it's prominence in the home, few people are aware about the origins of this machine that humbly sits in the corner, preserving food and thus lowering illnesses transmitted by spoiled goods.

Before refrigerators existed, food goods were kept cold mainly by nature, e.g. Leaving drinks outside in the snow to preserve them, or by cool rooms in the centre of houses, with no windows called larders. The principle here was to use a thick marble slab which would remain cool enough to keep meat, cheese and other perishable goods on, for longer than they would survive without.

The refrigerator, commonly referred to as the 'fridge' has gone through many conceptual and design changes during it's long existence, which begins in the middle of the 19th century, however, the patent held on the refrigerators that we recognize today was applied for in 1897 and granted in 1899, it was Albert T Marshall who applied for and was granted this patent.

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